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About Us

So, you want to know more about us? That’s cool! We’ll hit you with some of the basic info that should help you get to know the faces that will be blocked behind camera lenses during your session or event.

So first things first, why are we “Southern City Photography?”
Well, because we live in Tampa, Florida! Which is a southern city… get it?
Yeah, not the most creative, but the name wasn’t taken and we liked it enough to claim it as our own!

We’ve been together since 2014, we met on the dating app OKCupid (thank goodness for modern romance), we’ve been married since December 2017 and pursuing photography together started smack dab in the middle of it all.

Our family consists of us two and our pups Remy and Coda. Remy, our lab/shepherd mix, is an escape artist while Coda, our Bernese mountain dog, wants all of the scratches and is an eating machine! Ironically, they both hate getting their pictures taken, but are happy just keeping our toes warm while we edit.

We’re Disney Passholders! (So if anyone ever wants to meet up for a cute family session at one of the parks we are so down.)

Once a week you can find us on a beach watching the gorgeous Florida sunsets and just appreciating the life that we’ve been blessed to build together.

But, besides having fun figuring out married life, trying to keep up with our pups, spending time running around Disney, and watching countless sunsets, we also really love kayaking, road trips, sending each other funny memes and videos, and exploring new places.

Now tell us about you!