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June 9, 2019
Historic Hyde Park Portrait Session – The Stylish Stylist
South Tampa Portrait Photography

Emily is an incredible hair stylist in the Tampa area that wanted to get some new marketing photos of herself. She selected Hyde Park Village in South Tampa as her location and we had so much fun running all over taking her photos.

We spent an hour in the small, upscale shopping district finding every unique space to take Emily’s photos in. And by the end of the session we had so many amazing photos to work with.

Photography is first and foremost a collaboration between a photographer and client/ model, and Emily’s spirit and up for anything attitude made this session not only fun, but a real success!

Hyde Park has so much to offer, and it’s location and Sprinkles cupcake ATM are really just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to appreciate and utilize from a shopping and photography standpoint. The variety of backdrops and settings you can find, all within a block is impressive to say the least. From street art, to rustic doors, fountains, stairs, white brick walls, and the roof of a parking garage, this location truly has it all.

See Emily’s entire Gallery by clicking here!

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