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A Little About Us

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We are the Engelson’s, a husband and wife duo that answer to the names Veronica + Seth.
To put it simply, we love photography, literally everything about it! Besides having an immense passion for the art of photography (which we obviously possess), we also have a great deal of knowledge on photography to help us along the way.

Why are we “Southern City Photography?” Well, because we live in Tampa, Florida! Which is a southern city… get it? Yeah, not the most creative, but the name wasn’t taken and we liked it enough to claim it as our own!

Although we call South Tampa home, we love new places and we’re always enthusiastic about travel opportunities and getting to shoot in new and exciting locations. We might be Tampa Photographers, but don’t let our home base fool you, we are always available for out of town, out of state, and out of country occasions.
We love capturing moments, everything from the routine to the remarkable, we’re inspired by it all!

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